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This is your one shop stop for all things Mary Campbell / Mary Winchester.
Welcome to the Mary Winchester née Campbell Community

Ϯ All posts must be related to the character Mary Campbell/Winchester or the actresses that portrayed her: Samantha Smith or Amy Gumenick.

Ϯ All posts must contain appropriate tags. If a tag is not available or you wish to request a specific tag, please click [here]. Before you request a tag, please check the current list to make sure the one you would like isn't already available.

Ϯ Spoilers must be placed under cuts. No exceptions. Even if the episode has already aired we strive to be considerate of all our fans because though Supernatural airs on Thursday nights in the USA they might take weeks afterward to filter to other parts of the world. So, here at spn_mary, we'd like to strive for full consideration to fans of SPN from all around the world.

Ϯ There is to be no bashing of any of the characters. Discussion and criticism is perfectly fine but anything that goes beyond that will be deleted immediately.

Ϯ Subject lines should be concise. And follow a similar format to the examples below.

-» Fanfic: Title > Pairing (if any) > Genre: (gen/het/slash/etc)
-» Fanmix: Title > Pairing or Character
-» Podfic: Title > Pairing (if any) > Author > Read By
-» Graphics: (Kind of Graphic) > Artist

Ϯ Please use appropriate tags for any submitted fanfiction including type, pairing, and rating. Your Author's Notes should go under a cut as well as disclaimer information. Also, when posting fanfiction, please use a similar format found below.

Ϯ Podfics are allowed but only if the fic being read has full permission by the original author to be distributed in podfic form. Please have the permission bolded in a cut author note. This is nonnegotiable.

Ϯ Graphics such as icons, headers, wallpapers, and others should always be behind a cut. Icon teasers can be no bigger than three icons. Any other teasers can be no larger than 200x200. Please use appropriate tags.

Ϯ Do not link to locked entries. However, if you are linking to a 'members only' community please allow for at least 5 days of public access and make sure you warn that the entry will be locked after 5 days.

Ϯ All entries are moderated for the time being. Everything submitted will be cleared within three hours of submission to allow for checking that each entry has been tagged and formatted properly. Please remember to double check your entries before submitting to ensure that your submission is approved as quickly as possible.

Ϯ You may only advertise communities that are related to Supernatural, the character Mary Campbell/Winchester, and/or the actresses that portray Mary. All other community promotions are not allowed. If you are advertising for a community not related to the show or the actresses then your entry will be deleted and you will be suspended for a week. If you are caught more than once you will be banned.

Ϯ This is Kripke's baby and as such he is the one that has absolute say in anything and everything. That being said, discussion is fine but drama is not. We are fans, we enjoy the show, and, by joining this community, it can be assumed you enjoy the character of Mary Campbell/Winchester but we are not Kripke. No drama.

Ϯ If you'd like to affiliate with spn_mary please post a request [here].

Ϯ If you have any questions, comments, concerns, and/or suggestions, please feel free to PM the mod.

Ϯ spn_mary has a delicious account.
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